BEST Madrid organizes several events during the year. This events include EBEC, BEST Hackathon and BEST Courses
BEST organizes courses throughout the year, where students from various universities in Europe can attend and complement their field of study, learn to take the first steps in an international career, meet new people and improve their English level. Students from all around Europe attend classes at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, where UPM professors, and experts from a field company, will give them more practical lessons on the subject of the course.
Recently BEST Madrid has begun to organize Hackathons, where students from Madrid will try to solve multiple challenges, competing in teams, to design, build and present their own projects that solve some of the challenges proposed by both BEST Madrid and the challenges proposed by the sponsors. In this competition, university students will work side by side with other people with the same ambition to outdo themselves, with widely diverse and different skills. They will have the opportunity to create a network of new partners, in addition to opting for one of the 3 awards and being captured for the future by an institution of great importance.