BEST Madrid UPM is an apolitical and non-profit organization who, since 1996, keeps encouraging the educational and proffesional development of the more than 40 000 students of the Technical University of Madrid. The main service that BEST-UPM provides to students is the oportunity of having a complementary education regardless of its economic posibilities.

If you want, we can make you a grant certificate.



Get to know foundations, cathedras and companies among students, bringing on a mutual enrichment between the academical, investigator and proffesional world.


Create opportunities for the personal and proffesional development of the students with a complementary education that strengthens the one obtained from the university.


Give to the students a vision of technological, social and cultural values forefront that enriches and complements their academic studies.

Global mindset

Help the international involvement of people from all Europe, obtaining a open mind global and tolerant with othe cultures.


Complement the academical teaching of the University organizing for students free and quality events that offer a complementary education, work opportunities and idea sharing.