BEST Madrid-UPM gives you the opportunity to get you be known between the 40.000 students of the Technical University of Madrid and to the more than ONE MILLION students that BEST reaches in all Europe. BEST Madrid-UPM collaborates closely with different technological companies and university cathedras. The companies stablish as sponsors for our events, getting to know among students in the following ways:

Online advertising

  • Logo with link in BEST-UPM website
  • Article in BEST-UPM’s web page
  • Advertising at the footer or heading of the emails sent to people interested in the asociation

Written advertising

  • Advertisement, logo and/or article in the event materials (welcome pack)
  • Advertisement, logo and/or article in the event documentation

Visual advertisement

  • Set up of roll-ups in the UPM faculties where conferences are made
  • Advertisement, logo and/or article in the event’s advertising posters

Contact students

  • Organization of seminars, workshops and conferences for students
  • Set stands in the university to interact with students

Image asociation

  • The company appears as sponsor of an inter centre asociation with a great presence among the student community due to the great number of events we organize along the year.
  • Social Labour because of collaborating with a non profit asociation that encourages cultural diversity and personal and educational development of students.