The main objectives of BEST Madrid are:
  • Strenghten the diversity from the belief that an environment with a wide plurality helps people to reach its full potential and act responsibly.
  • Create opportunities for the personal growth of the students so they get an international perspective, a bigger and deeper knowledge of the cultures and societies and be able to work in culturally diverse environments.
  • Give to the students a vision of technological, social and cultural values forefront that enriches and complements their academical education.
  • Ease the international contact between engineering studenst.
  • Complement the academical studies with free and quality courses that offer knowledg on the technological inproves.
  • Participation in the european educational policies to help the student’s voice to be heard.
  • Get students in touch with companies, favouring a mutual enrichment between the academical, the researcher and proffesional parts.
  • Promote Europe among europeans.
  • Get to know Madrid city amog european students.