The letters are read by people from the local BEST group where the course will take place. They are students like you, like your friends, so be natural, avoid formalisms and show a good mood. Keep in mind that your letter has to highlight over hundreds of letters so, the most important.. Be original!

As every local BEST group chooses their participants for it’s course, every group has his own criteria and a letter may seem fantastic to some people but not very good to others.

Now, we will tell you a few tips in order your letter to be great so you are chosen:


Every course has his own webpage: visit it! it will help you to have an idea what kind of participants are they looking for.



Don’t talk only about the fiesta…. They will think you are looking only for the party and that you won’t attend to class!!!


Write yourself the letter: if they choose you, make it for yourself!


Take care with the size: a very long letter has to be very well written not to be boring and one too short could be very serious and don’t talk much about you.


Don’t talk only about the city… They’ll think you go only for tourism!!!



Take care sending every letter to it’s right place: Don’t swap them!


Don’t talk only about studies… They’ll think you are a boring nerd!!!




Don’t be afraid about english, it’s not neccesary to be Shakespeare as long as they can understand you.



Send your letter before deadline to avoid last hour problems.

And remember that your letter will be the main selection criteria for the participants, so don’t write it in the las minute… Put some effort in it!

Anyway, remember that these are only some advices: the perfect letter will be the one you write, don’t be afraid to do it your way.

If you want more information of how to write your motivation letter, click here.