Basics for a CV:

  • Name and surnames
  • Contact phone number
  • Address
  • E-mail address

*The ID is not a required information for an interview. In case, you were employed, a copy of your ID will be required.


  • Degree, month and year of issuance, location. Remark relevant data such as the average mark or the importance of the degree for the job vacancy.
  • Ingeniero Técnico Industrial, Septiembre 2009, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, etc.Industrial Engineering Degree, September 2009, Polytechnical University of Madrid…
  • Studying 2nd course of Aeronautical Engineering Degree in the Polytechnical University of Madrid.

*The degree certificate list will be ordered by a descendant chronological order, which means, your last degree should be on the top.

Complementary Education:

  • Extraordinary courses
  • Useful skills: computing skills, programming skills, company management…
  • Languages (basic level, intermediate level, high level)
  • Wind energy course in the Industry Engineering Faculty, one week, October 2009

Professional experience:

  • Position, job duration (date of beginning, date of ending) , Company.

*It is advisable to reduce the list to the last professional experiences or the ones related to the job offer. Nevertheless, if you have no experience yet in this concrete field, do not leave a blank; so the interviewer will know that you had some previous working experiences.

To conclude, it is important establish that:

  • The references are available.
  • The desired integration dates and if you are interested in a concrete working schedule, for instance, half-time job in order to combine it with your studies.