Local BEST Group Madrid (LBG Madrid) was founded in 1996 with the support of the Local BEST Group Valladolid.

The proposal to join BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) was accepted at the General Assembly in Tallinn, which gave the group the status member of Observer. During the President’s Meeting held later in Veszprem, the LBG Madrid went on to have the status of Baby member. The higher status Full member, was reached at the 1997 President’s Meeting in Warsaw.


With the support of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM), a higher and more revenue membership number, LBG Madrid was able to organize two external events annually. This achievement was recognized by BEST internationally, giving the organization of the 2001 Meeting of Presidents to the LBG Madrid.


In 2003, after organizing several job fairs, external events and a trilateral cultural exchange, the group split with the Student Delegation from UPM, creating an independent youth association. Various events were organized and in 2005 the first version of the LBG Madrid magazine was published.


In 2006, the X anniversary of the association was held, and the following year  numerous activities were carried out, among which are the first engineering competition sponsored by GMV, a cultural exchange with Maribor (Slovenia), a summer course, and the tutelage of the Local BEST Group Madrid Carlos III in joining BEST.

The good mood and the desire for cooperation between the members of the four Local BEST Groups in Spain (Barcelona, Valladolid, Madrid and Madrid Carlos III)  created the brand BESTspain, which is a program that grows every year creating many projects as engineering competitions nationwide, BESTspain magazine or BESTspain web.

In 2008 the LBG Madrid organized a BEST engineering competition, a cultural exchange with Iasi (Romania), the second engineering competition locally and a summer course of 16-day, besides being the home of the first national Engineering Competition BEST-GMV and the 2008 Jamboree.

Nowadays, thanks to the unconditional support of the Technical University of Madrid and the energy of all our members, LBG Madrid’s potential is limitless.