BEST Courses
  • Visits to companies, industrial plants and investigation centres
  • Participate in Case Studies
  • Go to interesting conferences about a great variety of topics: technology, economics, marketing or management.
  • Get ECTS credits from accredited courses

There are 3 course types and each one of them is focused in developing different habilities and knowledge:

  • BEST Course on Technology

    Focused on the theoretical and practical applications of the last technological developments.

  • BEST Course on Career Related Skills

    Focused on providing students of better capabilities on subjects like management or soft skills.

  • BEST Course on Applied Engineering

    Permiten poner en práctica lo aprendido en la Universidad en forma de competición ingenieril con equipos multidisplinares y multiculturales.

At the end of the course, the students take an exam designed to evaluate the success of the participant, this allows obtaining credits from the Technical University of Madrid.

BEST Symposium on education

The BEST Symposium on education are seminars with an estimate duration of 6 days. During the event, students and teachers from all Europe gather togheter with the aim of evaluate and finding new methods for the Engineering studies in Europe.