How much interested are you in job offers? What are your plans when you finish your degree? Stay ahead of your future and act now. BEST offers you the chance to access BEST Career Support.

What is BEST Career Support?

BEST Career Support is an online service created with the aim to bring closer students, engineers and companies.

Bring closer? That sounds very general, what does it offer exactly?

Maybe you want to start right now and you feel like having all the energy of the world. You can check what companies are offering to students right now. It can be job offers or internships or other special programs.

It is possible that you may prefer to focus your efforts in studies to end as soon as possible, and it’s completely legit. That’s why the only thing you have to do to enjoy all the possibilities BEST Career Support is to upload your CV.

This way, collaborating companies can read it and contact you directly to propose you personalized offers like job interviews or to inform you about how to ask for internships or training courses.

Which companies are?

BEST Career Support counts with the collaboration of very well-known companies at international level like P&G, Whirlpool, Enel, Veolia, ING or Thales. Also is a service that is constantly growing.

Interested companies are not only international companies. There are more at local level so everybody can choose it’s preferences.

How do I register?

You have to create an account at and afterwards edit your CV at

Should you have any doubt, write us at [email protected]