The employment bureau that we have is called BEST Career Support. It is an online international employment bureau: Through it, students from all over Europe are able to access to the labour activity. From BEST Madrid UPM, we provide the companies the chance:

  • CV

    To have access to the CVs of the employment bureau from BEST Madrid UPM.

  • Merchandinsing

    To include your logo in all the materials of BEST Madrid-UPM employed during the different events (websites, T-shirts, posters, triptychs…)

  • HR

    To publish job offers and news about your company in our website.

  • BEST International

    To publish your company profile in the website of BEST International ( more than 40000 monthly visits from all over Europe students). The profile consists in your logo, that is linked to a page where you can upload all the relevant information about your company: location, contact, grants, needings, job offers…

  • BEST Madrid UPM

    To publish your company profile in the BEST Madrid- UPM website (more that 3000 monthly visits from Polytechnical University of Madrid students).

If you are interested in having access to BEST Madrid-UPM employment bureau, please contact us.